“A Civil Engineer by profession but a Bible teacher by obsession!”

This is how Dr. Roy would described himself after 3 years in the construction industry and shifting to a Bible teaching ministry in 1986.  He came to know the Lord in 1977 through the campus ministry of The Navigators, which invited him later to join the staff to pioneer a radio program. From 1986 to 1988, he worked as the radio program director and host of “The Discipleship Hour” over DZAS in Manila. After getting married in 1989, he and his wife, Judy, were sent to Cebu to lead the Professionals Ministry of the Navigators. During that time he had the opportunity to teach in a Bible School for 2 semesters, which he enjoyed very much. But it was while attending the Cebu Word of Life Church (CWOLC) when he was assigned to preach once-a-month, that his preaching/teaching ministry started to develop. The American church planter of CWOLC later invited him to join the pastoral staff. The Navigators loaned him to CWOLC for a year (1992-93) to try it out as a pastor while the missionary and his family were on home assignment. Roy never thought of becoming a pastor, but that exposure really made firm his resolve to be involved in a teaching/preaching ministry.

After that one year stint as a pastor, he was sent to Asian Theological Seminary in Manila for a 3-year study leave. In 1996, he finished his Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies receiving four awards (the Honors Award, Expository Preaching Award, Exegetical Studies Award and the Faculty Award). He returned to Cebu to resume pastoring CWOLC and after 3 years got ordained in the ministry. In 1999, he pursued the Doctor of Ministry program of the Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (North Carolina, USA). He completed his Doctor of Ministry in Expository Preaching last February 2002.

He pastored CWOLC for 10 years before shifting into a training ministry. Last June 2005, he officially launched this training ministry called The Apollos Project with the slogan “Equipping the Saints in Expounding the Scriptures.”  To date, Dr. Roy has conducted seminars in 40 countries training pastors and lay leaders on how to study accurately and preach adequately the Word of God.  Aside from the first 3 seminars he offered (Hermeneutics, Exegesis and Homiletics), he now has included the topics: “Unlocking the Book of Revelation: The Beginning of the End”, “Walk thru the Old Testament: 4,000 Years of History in 77 Steps”, “Enjoying or Enduring? God’s Design for Marriage”, “Victor or Victim? The Anatomy of Temptation”, “Fresh Lessons from Former Leaders: Principles of Biblical Leadership”, “Thy Kingdom Come” (Part 2 of Revelation Study) and the newest offering “Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility.”    Dr. Roy also pastored Champion Life Centre – Scarborough for 3 years (2012-2014). The Verzosa Family resides in Toronto, Canada for the past 15 years. Roy and Judy have been married for 35 years and their daughter Renee Joyce is an Early Childhood Educator.  Their son, Josiah is married to Krystine Basar and they reside in Ottawa, Ontario.

“For Ezra had set his heart to study the law of the Lord,
and to practice it, and to teach His statutes and ordinances in Israel.”

(Ezra 7:10, NASB)

   Family Picture: Christmas 2023

Roy, Judy, Rejoyce, Krystine and Josiah

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